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Learn at your own pace

Students are given their own specialized curriculum to ensure that they learn all the skills they need — at their own pace. Whether they have no prior experience in art or they have been drawing for several years, we can determine the best route to take to make sure that our students learn comfortably no matter their age and skill level.

Highly skilled instructors

Instructors at Sharron Art Center are all highly passionate about art and have pursued studies in prestigious fine arts programs. We see our instructors not just as teachers, but as mentors that are interested in helping your child achieve their goals.

Classes available year-round

Sharron Art Center offers both weekday and weekend classes all year-round. Classes are held on a weekly basis, with three semesters available for registration: Spring (January to June), Summer (July to August), and Fall (September to December). Registration typically begins at the start of each school semester, but we are flexible to other arrangements and will be glad to accommodate to your schedule.

Summer Program

Accelerate Your Art Education

The Summer Enrichment Program is perfect for those who want more practice or want to take advantage of summer vacation from regular school classes to further their art education. Students who want to deepen their skills can focus on building a solid foundation. Students who have achieved a high skill level can focus on expanding their creativity. With even just a few weeks of intensive training, students can have an amazing leap in skill, creative thinking, and confidence.

Portfolio preperation

For high schoolers preparing portfolios to study art at a university level, or as a supplement to Ivy League college applications, we provide our professional instruction to ensure that their portfolio is the best that it can be. We go beyond ensuring the quality of each portfolio piece by offering comprehensive and individual consultation on applying to art school.

International Student Program

Many young students from overseas study painting at our branches in New Jersey. Each year, we accept more and more students from different countries to study at our school. Our Summer Enrichment Program is an amazing way to study art alongside American classmates an English-speaking art program and be taught by multi-ethnic teachers. International Students can choose between attending our Summer Enrichment Program in New Jersey, USA, or Shanghai, China.


Under the guidance of Sharron Art Center, many of our current and former students over the years have achieved numerous international and regional awards for their art. At SAC, we not only encourage our students to participate in contests, but we help our students win contests.

For students applying to college, participation in art contests is a crucial element to make your resume stand out. Over the years, many students of Sharron Art Center have been accepted to many prestigious universities, including but not limited to: Rhode Island School of Design, Harvard University, Massachussets Institute of Technology, and University of the Arts London.

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