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No visitors and no photography when class is in session.

New student needs to make an appointment for an interview.


New Semester Registration


All fees (tuition, registration, class transfer, etc) should be paid in check. No cash will be accepted!




 To register, contact Jeffrey Villanueva:

201.716.9959, register@sharronartcenter.com 

 The most updated version of 2014 college acceptance is out.

Please visit Alumni Hall of Fame and College Portfolio/SAT for more information 





Attention all Sharron Art students who participated in contests: if you win a contest or receive special recognition for your artwork please do the following:

1. notify do.sharronart@gmail.com ASAP

Please include:

Contest & Award Title (1st Place, 2nd Place, etc.)

Student Name & Age

Instructor Name

A photo of the winning piece if available.

2. Email the winning certificate, email, or award screen capture to ec.sharronart@gmail.com

Thank You!